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Originally Posted by Cakeeater View Post
Gotta be a typo here: I can't believe this thing would get 22 mpg. 32, yes.
(and at 22 mpg the tank would be empty at 147 miles).

A 150-mile route emptied most of the F6bís 6.7-gallon tank. That was a mix of 85mph freeways, 35mph surface streets andÖenthusiastic riding on back roads, but still, 22mpg or so isnít terribly impressive, neither is a relatively limited tank range from whatís otherwise an excellent tourer.

When I divide 150 by 6.7 I get 22.38 mpg.

That article is a complete disaster, they said the first GL1000 came out in 1985.

I was tossed the keys to a MG Stelvio for a week long test, my first tank was in the mid 20 mpg range. Most motorcycle tests only last one tank or at most 400 miles. I had that Stelvio for a week and once I settled down I was in the upper 40 mpg range.

Owners are different than test riders, Goldwing owners are getting 38-46 mpg or so.

I'm seriously thinking of selling three or four bikes and getting this new B model...or maybe that new Rune down in Vegas for less money.
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