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Originally Posted by damasovi View Post
today i went to my local honda dealer where I bought my scooter.

The tool and the cargo are and feel different. One thing I had not read, since it is a feeling thing is the distance seat to pegs, the tool has a shorter distance, while the cargo 150 feels more standard and the feet are not under the shoulders for my 5'8" height

The new cargos 150 are made in Mexico (see VIN # starts with a 3) My scooter is made in Mexico by honda and after 1 year of been mostly cover with a MC cover and sleeping outside always, it still looks like new (when clean) and everything works fine, and now I am thinking about a cargo for next Christmas (if I do not get a CB500)

I'm curious, before Honda changed the Cargo from a 125cc to a 150cc was the 125cc engine of the Cargo the same as the 125cc engine in the Tool?
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