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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
So you actually know enough about this to speak for MD's everywhere?

I am sure you are right that many DR's in doc-in-the-box clinics everywhere would have this opinion, but that is not where this happened. This is a professional sport, and the professionals make their own decisions. If they pass the concussion exam, and by all reports he did, than it is his decision to return to the track. Whether the Sunday morning DR's are happy about it or not.

I couldn't really give a shit either way if that kid's family doesn't care enough to park his ass when he crashes that hard. I said what I would do to mine. Guess what, there is another SX race in the very near future. In a sport where being in top physical and mental health is critical to performing the simple act of timing the jumps without even trying to race 19 other guys, getting knocked out should sideline a rider at least a week.
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