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Originally Posted by mark883
I would be suspect of the repairs done earlier, not being good repairs, or actually screwing something else up.

Did they actually replace the hall sensor previously, with a NEW out of the box unit? Or did they just repair the old unit? If they just repaired, I would check the quality of the repair- another wire could have gone bad.

Since you had some suspect fuel issues, I'd begin to wonder about the fuel injectors, if the hall sensor can be guaranteed as good. Did one get plugged up? A fuel injection guy should have a tester to see if the injector is getting a 'fire' signal. Heck, pull out the injector and see if it sprays while cranking. (um, don't smoke just then- BOOM!) If the injector is getting a good signal but the engine stumbles, then the injector or upstream fuel supply should be suspect. My knowledge is that the hall sensor controls both the spark plug firing and the injector 'firing' fuel into the intake. Mr Hall not being schizoid is vitally important to making your bike run correctly.

Remember, there are good mechanics that actually know and understand what's going on, and can intelligently diagnose problems. Then there are mechanics that are just as stupid as the rest of us, and simply know how to swap parts around.............. and maybe get lucky.

Really, if you have a good battery and a separate fuse block, your lights, gps, etc shouldn't have shit to do with your bike running badly. Its probably just a few too many wires running all over the place, maybe in a slightly disorganized manner.

Hopefully, someone has checked the obvious 'throttle cable out of position on the injection body' problem.

Originally Posted by mark883
Oh, and by the way, if you're riding a R1100GS, their %$@# computer ain't gonna find nothing. Maybe I'm reading my 1100 service manual wrong, but I don't think there's even a diagnostic port on the wiring harness. There's a magic bmw black box that will tell you if the hall sensor is putting out a signal, but its not a computer- just a blinky box.

Motohank can correct me, but there is no OBD2 port or GS911 type readable computer port on an 1100. The moronic brain is an 80s/early 90s technology that measures air temp, oil temp, where the crank is in the timing cycle, maybe a few other parameters, and tells the fuel injectors when to fire, and the spark coil when to light everything off. Compared to today's bike and car computers, the R1100 box is Cousin Eddie.

If there's a computer involved in diagnosing your bike, I'm afraid they may have mistaken you Donnie for a mushroom. They're feeding you shit and keeping you in the dark. (not an insult aimed at you Donnie)

The BMW shop told me that the Hall Sensor was OK, as well as the 1996 R1100gs's motronic. They told me Wednesday morning after they hooked their computer to my moto that it was running good and that they had balanced the throttle bodies. They said there was a bad wire somewhere that needed to be found. They said their computer could not talk to my computer because of the extra electrical accessories I have

I did not mention it in the first post, but as soon as the staff found out where my moto is they warned me that this was not an honest shop. As I began to have suspicions about the service I am receiving, I began to ask question of the staff, including the manager. This is what I have been told, two Germans that have been on the road for two years left their motos at this shop to be checked over. When they went to get their motos, they were presented with a bill of $5,000US. The Germans, being familiar with their motos began checking them over and found many cases where they were being charged for parts that had not been changed. They German riders had some type connection with BMW and called Germany. No one knows what the exact out come to this situation was. Some can say this is hear-say, but I have been told essentially the same story by three different staff members, including the manager

The Hostel Manger called an English speaking person from the store this morning. The manger here went to school with this man named Jose Andres Pinto. Jose had done some translating for me when I was first at the shop. He seems to be a very nice fellow. His title is Instructor Guia, what ever that is. He has promised an update at 10:00 Monday morning..
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