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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
I believe the Burnsmoto switch works by installing a switch in the wiring from the rear wheel sensor to the ABS control unit. The connector where it taps in is under the seat near the diagnostic plug. (Check the install instructions on the Burns site for details & to make sure I am correct on this)....

If so as a quick check you could simply unplug that connector under the seat (bike turned off of course).

On a normal bike this would register a fault with the ABS computer at next power-up, and the ABS computer would then DISable the ABS system since it needs both wheel sensors to be working for it to do its ABS magic....
JR Wooden, Thank you for the reply regarding the Burnsmoto switch. Stephen from Burnsmoto replied that he has "stopped making and selling that cable as sales were very low. i would use the GS911 to diagnose your problem."

Regarding my ABS not turning off: My dealer was able to identify the problem - it is within the BMSK. There is no fault that will display on their shop diagnostic computer system for this particular situation. To diagnose, they put in a donor BMSK and then the ABS would turn off - so that is how the issue was diagnosed. They will have a replacement BMSK delivered in 1-2 weeks.

I have to hand it to my dealer - they were resourceful and put in a lot of extra hours to get this resolved as fast as they could.

Regarding riding with the ABS on - I did go for another ride yesterday, an 85 mile loop of dirt, gravel and forest service roads that I use as my "training ground" and there were a few times I wish I could have locked up the rear wheel. Instead, I had to downshift a lot more and not go into corners as fast as I might otherwise.
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