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Originally Posted by 3sum View Post
If the price included sidecases I'd be good with the pricing. But I think that $12800 US (doing the conversion) if it were to come, is too steep without luggage for an over the road bike.
That being said, I'd love for the Sport to come, but won't be surprised if it doesn't.

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I think that price would be pretty fair compared to a KTM SMT, especially considering the KTM just comes with cheap textile luggage. I think motorcycle manufacturers do themselves a disservice when they put cheap or flimsy looking luggage on an otherwise really solid bike. A great example would be at the Indy Progressive Insurance bike show this weekend. The stock luggage on the Triumph Tiger 800 and Explorer looked flimsy and cheap. The same Triumph Explorer outfitted with Trax bags at the Twisted Throttle booth looked rock solid and awesome. If I bought a new Tiger 1050 Sport, the first thing I would do is mount my Trax aluminum boxes to it, even if that meant Ebaying the factory luggage.
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