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may have to rename this thread

Nearing completion? Ha!

At least I've almost rounded up most of the parts I'll need to fire the engine up. Picked up a pair of used valve lifters yesterday (the two at the top of the photo). They actually appear to be new -

Also bought new chain, tensioner, front end seals and crank sprocket. Check out the difference between old and new -

Did get around to removing the flywheel by reinserting a couple of bolts on each side of the unit and GENTLY levering against the engine case - be careful not to damage the case.

Previous mechanic had used a million foot pounds to torque the phillips screws on the oil pump cover and didn't use antiseize. Absolute joy to remove. Question: how does one remove the rear main seal without using the crank itself as a fulcrum? Even though I've blocked the crank, I wouldn't want to push my luck.

Spent rest of this morning checking tolerances. So far, the right exhaust valve stem is the only thing out of spec and even that is only by .0003".

I was wrong when I said I suspected a 'recent' valve job by the PO - will probably have the heads done professionally next year.

But the weather's improving here so off to do other chores . . .

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