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I love my Zumo but it is far from perfect. No GPS is. Can't blame it for not having the maps but often it will guide you along an odd path/route that you later shake your head at. Just be thankful your digitizer didn't go on you. That's another thread.

Stop and smell the flowers, take your time and revel in what you've done. Even if you arrive in Miami early March you'll still have to deal with weather and cold as you get close to home. As an ATC, you know what "get-home-itus" is. I am an AME and have waited for a missing aircraft more than once. But enough about that.

Again, thanks so much for taking the time on your RR. I hope to leave this fall and will reread your report and map your route before I customize my trip.

If it's not too personal, I'd be interested in a final rough tally of expenses. Not the bike cost and prep but for all the necessities along the way. Maybe you don't want to know. I'm not looking to camp out and skimp on everything but your style would suit me.

Ride safe.

I do know what get home itis is and I am aware of that. This portion of the ride is not particularly scenic. It's pretty much pool table flat and there is a lot of corn ans sugar cane grown here. So I'm boogying for BA. I'm about 400 kms SE of Salta now, I think the town is called Rio Honda. I got into a motel here just ahead of the rain. I was very lucky. Nice place with covered parking, hot shower, internet, flat screen TV, King size bed and A/C (It's so hot here it's crazy, or it was, the rain has cooled it off a bit.) all for $32.00

I am looking forward to having a chance to look around Buenos Aires. I'm not really looking forward to all the associated paperwork and loading of the bike etc. I will be very happy to get my bike back in Miami and have all that behind me. I know 1st of March is a crazy time to try and reach NB so I plan to go as far as possible. I have friends in Maryland, with a garage and friends in NH with a garage. So It will be a balancing act between weather and time.

As for costs I really don't keep a running log. I do try and keep it reasonable. Once you leave the USA your costs drop significantly. I don't care much for dorm rooms in Hostals, I'm a very light sleeper and I just don't find I get the rest I need, so I try and get private rooms. The cost of that varies country to country and place to place but I would hazard a guess at $25/night on average or about $750/month. In Chile things were a lot more!!! I averaged $70/night there for accommodation, and that was trying to find cheap places! That's why I only stayed 4 nights in Chile. Food is cheap about $6 for the average supper. Most places have a free breakfast. I just get a snack for lunch. Water, Cokes, beer, everything is much cheaper that Canada. Boris and I hit one place in Bogata where beer was 75 cents but I would say a beer is usually $1.00 sometime $2.00. I was getting 1000ml beers in that very nice place in Salta for $6.00 or just over $2.00 a beer.

I stayed in the Cabana on the beach in Mexico for $8/ night! That was the best deal anywhere!

I reccomend Soejrd Bakkers book about cheap places to stay in Mexico and Central America. You can find it here on ADVrider and you will save the money it costs in the first couple nights. He has been traveling Mexico and Cetral America for years and he has compiled a book of motorcycle friendly, cheap places to stay.

The big costs, Flights. $900 for the bike Panama City to Bogata, my flight was an additional $400

Buenos Aires to Miami, $1500 for the bike and another $1300 for me. OUCH!

Next trip I do I will stay in Mexico. There is so much to see there, the food is good and you don't have to fly anywhere. It is a little sketchier than the other countries, but I had no problems. Don't ride after about 3PM, know where you're going to stay and stay there early. Keep a low profile. You will be fine. Mexico is an unbelievably beautiful Country and i want to see more.

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