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Originally Posted by mdubya View Post
How do you know he was knocked out?

My assumption is that he knocked the wind out of himself and couldn't move (it happens). Once he caught his breath and the crew was able to determine that he could move his fingers and toes and had no numbness or tingling, they let him walk it off.

Going back out in the LCQ and qualifying for the main is the kind of thing that makes us who we are.

By the way, Zach Bell is 18 and an adult, so is likely able to make his own decisions.

Hey, we are all different, maybe you'd let your 18 year old son go back out. I wouldn't. From his rag doll appearance and the lack of any movement at all, fingers, arms, recoiling from pain etc., I'm pretty sure he was unconscious.

Maybe not. He still could have fractured his neck or spine or had internal injuries and despite walking off, could have died later. I don't see the athletes being put first, the show is. I DQ a rider one year as a AMA MX ref. He had been in the hospital a few days before and had a concussion. His dad was furious but it was the right call. If he crashed/died on the track and I knew about his current brain injury, I'd not only be liable but regret it forever. The doctor that was on our staff agreed.

I just watched the crash again in slow motion. I don't have any reservations about my original opinion.
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