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Originally Posted by Britome View Post
This scenario is everyone's nightmare. So sorry I have no help or insight to offer. We are paying close attention so we can learn.
Because I imagined that it could become a nightmare I carried a spare FD bearing, oil seal and O-ring around in a little box for almost 70,000km. I figured that in an emergency I could always persuade someone to lend me his/her workshop, it would only be the parts that would be a problem. When (at 93,000km) I picked up, during a routine FD oil check, that mine was finally on it's way out, I was in the comfort of my own workshop. I used it then but needless to say, I have bought another as a spare to carry while touring.

From inspection of the bearing I took out at 93,000km my conclusion was that rust (from water getting into the FD) had weakened the bearing surface so even though I change the FD oil at each oil change I have fitted a snorkel to the FD breather so it would now have to suck in water from the level of the air intake to the engine.

Pity none of this is of any use to poor old Aventeren. Hope it all works out well for him
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