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Originally Posted by deejay_xr View Post
Hey John,

Thanks for the detailed reply, that worked out nicely !

How many coats did you use on the engine parts?

Cheers !
Well on the can it says that all the coats must be done within a one hour window, I assume because some crazy chemical bonding shit happens. After that hour you should wait like a week (I know right, as if) and then do it again.

For the engine parts I hit it with 4 coats of primer (1 realllly light, 2 fairly light and one medium) and then left it a couple of days in the sun, wet sanded it a little with between 800 and 1200 grit, wiped down with acetone and then shot the main coat (1 very light, 2 light, 2 medium). Each coat was left to dry got between 5 and 10 minutes before shooting the next one, I did it in my garage so there was no direct sunlight or wind etc.

Originally Posted by elsalvadorklr View Post
very very nice 88 engine captain...

we do not have duplicolor engine enamel down here...bummer x2...

thats awesome the magnesium is holding up...

now headers

lets see succesful header paint pics! jajajaja
Ahh headers I'm not so sure about, I've noticed your post regaurding the headers lately. I hit mine with the wire wheel, then did some hand sanding while going up the grits (400, 800, 1200, 2000) and then some metal polish although that probably burns straight off. Benefit of me using the stainless headers I guess, downside is the lack of available mufflers though (I know you went through this saga too).

Like presented in this thread. I remember hearing some saying about using clear muffler paint on the header to help avoid it rusting and so on? I reckon you should come back to the brotherhood of twin header XR's, it would make me feel less sad about not finding a pipe to fit them. Have you considered just getting a fabricator to make a little 2-into-1 connector?

Though as my Dad keeps saying "it's just a dirt bike, ride it into the ground, sell it, and buy another. Continue to repeat this".

Ohhhh PS: about the brake caliper problem with the pistons not retracting? I ordered new seals (not here yet because Australia Post is useless) but also lightly sanded the lips of the piston holes, just about the dust seals as this had some crap caked on, and suddenly it all works perfectly. Weird but I'm not complaining. Got new sintered pads as well which seem to work great. Thanks everyone for the ideas and suggestions and tips during the whole caliper brake system debacle.


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