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I had a restless sleep this night, lots of wildlife, wolves, coyotes, and who knows what else was out there howling in the night.
We awoke early, and were all happy to be alive
Dan, Steven, and myself broke camp, had a good breakfast of oatmeal, cookies, and coffee. I had bought a bottle of what I call "coffee whitener" which is Baileys Irish cream, and this liquid nectar sure tastes good in coffe when you are in the middle of nowhere.
We begin our ride out, back to Dease lake, 150km of dirt road once again!
We stop several more times on the way back out. The scenery looks just as good going the opposite direction!

Riding out through the canyon was a blast, I could ride this road all day long! We saw more wildlife along the way, a fox decided to run along the side of the road beside us for awhile, then a black bear did the same.
We never saw grizzy bears.
After a couple of hours, we arrived back in Dease Lake for a refuel.
Our destination for the day was the BC/ Yukon border, where Dan, Steven and I would part company, and go in different direction. (They only had a week off, and had to make their way back home.) Watson Lake, Yukon would be their northern destination, I planned on continuing towards Alaska.
From Dease Lake the Cassiar Hwy gets a little more windy, lots of potholes to get around. We are always careful along this stretch of road. It winds up through more mountainous landscape. We arrive it a settlement called Jade City, where there is a Jade sculpting operation. It is interesting to see some of the equipment used here, and of couse the is a Jade store. They have free coffee and tea, and washrooms, so we use this as a pitstop.

From Jade City, we continue on north to the Yukon border.
Our camping neighbors last night told us to check out Boya Lake on the way by. We pull into the campsite here, and it is really nice. A great spot to spend a few days, with a canoe;

After a while, we achieve a goal; arriving at the Yukon Territory border

The weather has been cooler up here, and it gets cloudy off in the distance;

We come to the end of the Cassiar Hwy, and the Alaska Hwy junction. We decide to grab some lunch at a great restaurant called the Hungry wolf. There is a settlement here called Nugget city. Restaurant, Rv park/camping
souvenir shops etc...
We had a good lunch on the patio at the Hungry Wolf, a burger and a beer to celebrate what we had accomplished so far.
We said our goodbyes, and exchanged emails, so we could keep in touch. The guys are planning to visit Vancouver Island for some riding this coming summer!
I was again on my own, and I rode west heading in the general direction of the Alaska border.
I rode with mixed feelings, missing the guys company, yet happy to be on my way to further adventure.
I rode for hours on the Alaska Hwy. The weather getting cooler, and overcast. Could this mean rain?
Dark skies ahead;

Iwas riding hard and fast trying to outrun the rain. It caught me, and the sky dumped water on me with a vengeance.
I heard thunder and lightning, and pulled over at a sheltered rest area to bundle up. I had no rainshell on this trip, but my jacket and pants were reasonably waterproof. I needed to put on my heated vest at this point, and continued on. I kept passing a camper with a family every time I stopped, eventually I came to the famous Teslin metal decked bridge, ther is an overlook just above;

The camper with the family pulled in, got out and gave me a look like I was a crazy man
I did fly by them doing 130km, in the pouring rain several times. The road surface up here was course with excellent traction, so I felt comfortable clipping along.
Crossing the Teslin bridge was a little sketchy, This is the longest metal bridge I have ever had the pleasure of riding across. The wind was blowing sideways, to make it even more fun!
contiuing on the rain let up, and I started getting low on gas.
I was wondering if I would make it to a gas station, when I came to a little place called Johnson's Crossing. Over another bridge, and on my right I see a campground with a gas station! This is just what I was looking for. Its about 8:00pm by now, I am tired and hungry. I walk into the office, and some something good cooking.
The campground owner has a nice wood house/ office and directs my to a campsite. What smelled good was homemade meat pies, and they are for sale I but enough for a camp feast, and say thanks. I see the storm coming I outran, and set up camp quickly. I put everything in the tent, and rainfly except the bike. The rain hit again, and poured. I was snug in my tent though, and dined on my fresh meat pies. I spent the time inside scanning my new maps. I had been convinced by Dan, and Steven to head to Skagway, Alaska, and take the ferry to Haines, Alaska. From there I could ride up the Kluane national park hwy, back towards Tok Alaska.
The rain let up, I crawled of the tent to seek out a hot shower.
Another great day of riding;

Telegraph Creek to Johnson's Crossing approx 630 km.
More to come....
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