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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
I really like how you moved the racks forward so the bags (several Wolfman options to choose from now) are closer to center as the DR is really a 1 man (or women) show kinda bike.

That rear rack is then nice and big to support a Wolfman dry duffel for camping and other gear. The only thing i'd love to see (if possible) is a way to tie in and support to that center bolt on the fender for added strength. Maybe a piece of attached tube that goes down into it the recess and then use a longer bolt.

The old ebay BBQ rack does this with flat plate and a nylon spacer in that spot. The reason i'd like to see this is because this rack can hold some heavy loads. If you look at the rear left attachment plate on a DR650, it's really just a thinner plate of material with so so welds. Enough weight and off-road riding is gonna snap that plate of and thus 1/4 of the mounts. I'm thinking that center mount will help carry some weight. Look at the pic bellow and see that center bolt on the flat plate. That connects down to the subframe so 5 points of strength. This is needed for any large DR rear rack IMO.

What's the solution for rear turn signals? Does your racks allow the factory grab rails to remain and thus a place for the turn signals? If not then you need some mounts on the rear rack for the turn signals. What about of the side racks alone are used? They they fit with the factory grab rails and also the oem rear rack?

Glad to see you did not tie the side & rear racks together, so people can mix and match your racks with others out there.

I can tell you are a one man show and have learned a ton about this whole process. You are producing a nice product.
I'm happy to see and support anyone who is making parts and gear for the DR650 as that's my bike of choice.

Thanks, Bill
Thanks Bill, I appreciate the excellent advice and support!

I agree 100% that adding a support in the center is something that needs to be done. All of my DR top racks will now have that feature. My R&D bike was taken home by the owner yesterday, so I'll have to see if he'll bring it back for me to use again.

I'll be adding mounts for turn signals to the top racks also. The owner of the R&D bike didn't want any because he's mounting some low profile signals directly to the fender.

My side rack top brackets bolt directly to the sub frame lugs for greater strength. The OEM grab rails could be added on top of them and I will provide a 1/4" aluminum spacer for the rear grab rail mount.

With the top rack installed, it would eliminate the grab rails altogether.

And yes, I'm learning something every day in this business!

Thanks, Tom

Originally Posted by KilgoreTrout View Post
Nice work, I am with Eakins on the need for center support on the rear rack similar to the Barbecue rack which I also own. My main reason for looking at alternatives to the Barbecue rack is I find at 23 1/2 inches its a little wider than I personally like although tough to beat for carrying a big duffel,tent,kitchen sink etc.... I am trying to lessen what I bring along and was hoping for similar dimensions to your DRZ 400E rack which will still allow for a small duffel on top of the fuel pack. You have put lots of thought into your products to allow for access to the bike keep up the great work!
Cheers from the Great White North
Thanks KT, for the support and the suggestion to make a smaller rack for the DR! I am going to make a prototype very soon and post some pics on here. I'll offer both the large and small racks for the DR650. I agree the DRZ-E's 16.5"w x 14"d is a handy size without being too wide. I made one today for a customer's DRZ-S. He wanted something a little bigger than my current "S" rack.

Thanks, Tom
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