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Originally Posted by elsalvadorklr View Post
very very nice 88 engine captain...

we do not have duplicolor engine enamel down here...bummer x2...

thats awesome the magnesium is holding up...

now headers

lets see succesful header paint pics! jajajaja
Christian you need to dump the stock steel headers and get some stainless ones, you'll never be happy with the stockers, and will be constantly struggling to keep them from rusting and looking decent. Plus you'll gain power and lose weight with the aftermarket headers, and be glad you bought them every time you look at them (they look sweet ), or spray them off and use a little metal polish to clean them back up to new.
We can find some super deals here in the states for FMF/Big Gun etc headers......I've seen Hi-Flo headers for 207 bucks shipped in the U.S., I paid 226 shipped for my powerbomb.
I'm not sure how that would relate to your area, but if you can get a set it will make you a happy man...performance and looks/durability wise
Money well spent imo

Heck Spud bought a Hi-Flo header and stuck it on his stock bike, including stock muffler, JUST for the ease of maintainence and better looks/durability from rusting.....he didn't even care about any performance gains.

The stock steel headers from honda were just a cost cutting measure......honestly they suck unless you never hit the dirt or ride in the wet.
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