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Originally Posted by VooDooDaddy View Post
I finally got the correct headlight bulb from DDM Tuning, and just to make things easier on myself in the future, I had them send me a spare bulb for $12 extra. What I think is extremely nice about the 35watt setup, is I can turn the headlight off by simply engaging the "bright" switch on the left handlebar. Yes, technically I no longer have a "bright" option, but the low-beam HID setting from the DDM kit is far brighter and cleaner than the original "bright" setting anyway.

I had been wanting to install some type of switch that would allow me to turn the headlight off, and the DDM kit kills two birds with one stone. Simple installation (when you order the correct bulb)...
I had already wired in an ON/OFF switch before installing my HID. The HID made my switch redundant. Just switch to HI beam to switch off headlight.
Good to have for starting ... or when running accessories in daylight.

Amazing thing about the HID is no one flashes me ... yet I can see three times further on a dark road. Win Win Win.
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