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Just thought I'd add a little more to this.
Curiosity got a hold of me Friday so I emailed for more info since I was still interested in the bike.

I got a pretty quick reply that the guy had traded a buddy for a Raptor 700 ATV about a month ago and that's why he had it. Not sure how true the timeline is since somebody else mentioned it being for sale for quite a while. The guy had a clean title but the reg wasn't current. He sent the VIN so I called DMV to see what kind of $$ was owed on it and see if the title came back clean or with a lien holder. Turns out it hadn't been registered since 2008 and had over $800 in fees/penalties. I was still considering going to look at it and offering even less than Tyluk had worked out with the guy but ended up sucking it up and buying a 2008 990 from another inmate on here since I really wantd the FI and figured I'd just end up selling the 950 for a 990 down the road.

Anyway, just a heads up in case somebody is still thinking about the bike. Seems like it could be a good deal if you can use the back fees as some more bargaining power and then get around paying them by either registering it out of state or something.
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