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Originally Posted by Davidjohnson View Post
1. Do you do the grey wire mod on the '12, & '13 or is it handled thru the mapping in the competition ECU?

2. Has anybody tried the yamaha performance muffler insert as opposed to removing the stock insert? If so, would you do it again, or just remove the stock insert?

3. I see no metal skidplates on the two bikes pictured in this thread, any particular reason why? Are the plastic things okay?

4. What real world range do you get out of the stock 1.9 gallon tank with a 90/10 mix of casual riding (not racing)?

Thanks for your response

Sorry for the slow reply. Yesterday is the first day in over a month that I have been on ADV due to me being a slacker!
1. The gray wire mod is not neccessary (as far as I know) as the competition ECU handles most of the uncorking.

2. I have not tried the insert. Removing the stock insert helps but I would consider a performance exhaust as the outlet is still pretty small. Obviously you would need to adjust the fuel mixture with the GYTR tuner if you did this.

3. The plastic is ok for what I do. I may still go to aluminum once I get some more time on the bike.

4. I can go about 75 miles before the light comes on (it is pretty pessimistic). I really don't have the bike broken in yet so I am not sure what the final fuel mileage is going to look like. If you are thinking about doing 90% road I would consider a different bike. If its 90% dirt you're looking at this would be right up your alley!
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