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Yep, it was time for the annual gathering of idiots that see nothing wrong with riding motorcycles in central Pennsylvania in the middle of February. It is the coldest ICE Rally we have had yet, and not many folks decided to brave the cold weather. Still a good time was had.

It was just beantop and myself for the morning. We found a few dirt roads that were ridable, including Egghill Road, which goes by Egghill Church. The church is rumored to be haunted, and I can tell you it is indeed a creepy place at night.

We decided to see if we could get some miles on the forest roads. It started off nicely...

...but quickly turned to ice. beantop pulled up beside me and said that didn't look like fun. Considering that we were on big bikes, I had to agree.

No big deal, there were other places to ride, like this old railroad tunnel.

The road continues on, following Penn's Creek around the end of the mountain.

This is what we found at the other end of the tunnel.

The man, the myth, the legend...beatop!

And yours truly

Layers of ice with leaves embedded in them.

I was quite surprised to find these growing at this time of the year.

A couple of other riders met us at lunch. I showed them around the area I grew up after lunch. This would be Colyer Lake, with rockinrog beside the 800GS and Rich667 standing behind beantop's GS. Good to meet both of you.

After the ride, we met up back at the hotel. Intrigue and CBTT showed up and we headed for the Phyrst. Seems that the camera was having as much problem focusing as Rich, so only got a couple of pictures of Saturday night.

beantop, you could at least try to look like you're having fun.

Sunday morning was even colder than Saturday. In fact, it was cold enough that Mattie didn't want to start. beantop finally got a chance to repay the jump starts from the first ICE Rally. I should have done like he did and put the bike in the room overnight.

One last picture from on the way home. This one is for the geology buffs out there. I love the distinct layering and the way you can see how the rock buckled.

That's it for this years ICE Rally. Now, I am off to start pricing heated gear. Brrrrrr.
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