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Day five I awake, and peak out side the tent to wee what the weather is like, The campground host told me they were expecting three days of rain. I figured I would get of this area, and hopefully head into sunny skies.
Fifteen minutes out of Johnson's crossing the sun breaks through the clouds, and I smile!
Down the road a ways I come to a turn off for the route towards Skagway. This are is called lake district of Yukon. Its beautiful with the sun out again. I eventually pass through Jakes Corner, then onto Tagish. I like it here, and decided to swing by on my way back down from Whitehorse.
After a while I see a turn off for a town called Carcross;

This is a cool place to spend some time. Very rustic old gold miner destination for people coming up from Seattle, and Vancouver, during the gold rush days. They would arrive in Skagway by ship, and hike or take the ols Railway up to Carcross, then up to Whitehorse, where they would continue to Dawson City via Paddlewheeler up the Yukon river. What an epic journey in search of gold!
Carcross is surrounded by a lake the vies are amazing;

Lots of cool little summer places here. I could spend a summer no problem;
Found this funky bakery in town, and feasted on the best cinnamon buns of the trip

Some other cool buildings;

I left here thinking I would like to spend more time here.
Back on the road heading to Skagway, the scenery just kept getting better. Man I love it up here! The view along this stretch of road of stunning;

I found a little pullout with a rock mound that looked like it would be fun to hike up. This is the view from the rock;

Just around the next bend, more jaw dropping scenery;

By this time I had noticed the weather was looking a little overcast. The closer I got to Skagway, the darker it got.
This road is not to be missed, I highly recommend it. I was having a great ride up to this point, thankful the weather had been good up to this point. My luck would soon change.
Soon I came to another landmark on my journey;

Just beyond this sign is the US customs. The road is narrow, and on the right side heading down, there is a steep drop off down to a creek.
The US customs guy was friendly. They all ask me to take my helment off, and when they realize I dont look like a threat to Homeland security they ask me about my trip.
Everyone I have met up here so far have been great.
Leaving customs the road descends steeply to Skagway. By this time the roads were wet from the clouds, and in Skagway It was raining;

I had made it to Skagway, Alaska on my Wee, man did I feel great. I had accomplished some bucket list destinations so far, and I had a lot more to go!
I was not prpared for what awaited me in Skagway. There was four cruise ships in harbor that day, and thousands of people in the little former gold rush town.

I went to the ferry terminal to buy a ticket for the crossing to Haines, Alaska. Turns out the Ferry didn't leave until 4:00pm, and it was only 1:00pm now. I had three hours to kill, with several thousand other tourists! Oh well I will make the most of my time here.
Skagway is a pretty ccol place, lots of activities to spend your money on. Tour helicopters were flying back and forth at a rapid pace it was cool to see them coming in over the ocean, emerging through the clouds.
I rode up and down the busy streets, parked, and wondered into a few stores. I bought a t-shirt and a few stickers. I asked the girl working there what it was like to live here, and she laughed, and said it was a seasonal job. I found a bar in the middle of the main drag, parked the Wee were I could keep an eye on it;

The bar was rockin, and I found a new favorite beer Alaskan amber ale! I got to see some summer olympics, while I ate a tasty clubhouse sandwich. I spent a couple hours people watching here, happy to be out of the rain.
Eventually I went back down to wait for the ferry.
Another pic of downtown Skagway;

and another:

At the Ferry terminal my Wee sees a big ship!

I meet some fellow bikers taking the same ferry, so we pass the time talking. Two of the fellows were on old BMWs, and of of the riders, was an English fellow, wearing shiny dress shoes, while his other shiny dress shoes were drying on the cylynder heads of his bike, what a character. I would see these guys off on on over the next couple of days.

On the ferry, the guy beside me is Mr shiny shoes!

Leaving Skagway;

This ferry ride is very scenic, the clouds made the trip through the inlet surreal, This was a nice mini cruise for me.
We even say Humpback whales, and lots of Eagles.

The trip to Haines was about a one and a half hour trip. I got off the ferry and decided to find a place to spend the night, It was still raining I was not to excited about camping in the rain. I pulled into an RV park right on the water, and saw a lots of RVs, and campers, and also an undercover area where there were a few tents set up. Hmmmm, I wonder if there is room for me under there. I check in a the office. The Lady running the place is very accommodating, and tells me I can set up under the shelter for tonight, as they are setting up for a crab feast there tomorrow. So this is what my campsite looks like for tonight.:

I see my ferry passing by on its way to Jeuneau, Alaska.

The waterfront from the RV park:

I decide to go for a walk around town, but I see there is a Tavern/ restaurant next door. I have a dinner of Fish tacos, and a couple of Alaskan beers.
By the time I finish, its dark out, so all the shops are closed, The only nightlife I hear, is in the couple of Taverns in town.
I decide to go back to the RV park, and catch up on some laundry.
The wind has picked up by the time I crawl into my tent, and the tarp over head starts blowing, and snapping in the wind. At one point my tent fly goes flying off, and I get sprayed by rain pooling on the sagging tarps.
My tent fly was put back on, and I moved my head to the dryer part of the tent. I had earlier met my neighbor, who had ridden his BMW GS up from Mexico, he spoke very little english, and I speak a little spanish, so we learned about each others trips.
After a restless night of howling wind, and the tarps sounding like they were coming down on top of me, I was happy to be more or less dry.
Day five done Johnson's crossing to Haines Alaska approx 250 Kms.
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