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Originally Posted by mdubya View Post

By the way, Zach Bell is 18 and an adult, so is likely able to make his own decisions.

FWIW, I believe some professional (NFL = adults, see below) sports require "your day to be done" if you get a concussion during the game. And if you get a concussion or knocked out you are probably not the best judge of your own condition. Whether the guy had a concussion I don't know, just saying it shouldn't only be up to him. The fact the he came back through the lcq probably indicates he was ok but the "medical" crew appeared wreck less.

The guidelines include prohibiting any player who has lost conciseness from returning to a game or practice. It outlines the symptoms, which include confusion; problems with immediate recall; disorientation and blurred vision and says that a player should have no concussion symptoms and normal neurological test results before returning to play.
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