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Originally Posted by dirtdreamer50 View Post
Ray, what so many folk in other countries don't realize is just how many loooooong straight roads we have in the USA. Cruiser type bikes work well on these super slabs, especially our Interstate systems. It's not much fun traveling 4-600 miles on a hiway all bent up on a super sport. Besides it's tough to look bad azz with leather vest and chaps, head band/doorags, and tats, on a crotch rocket. Just sayin'
I understand that, really. Topography has a lot to do with bike choice (the UK and Japan share a love of sportbikes, perhaps because we are both rocky islands with undulating terrain).

But I also rode the PCH last September, San Diego to Oregon and back. 3000 miles, on a 650GS. If you want the twisties, you can find them .

Fwiw, I don't think the USA has felt the economic shit-storm that has hit Europe and places farther afield. God willing, you won't. But I'm not the only one that has made some hard choices. Bikes here aren't toys, or life-style statements, at least not in the same way.

I'm bikeless after 10 years on two-wheels. That sucks ass.

So Honda have the CTX and the CB500 series, and they are very very tempting for a guy (or girl) on a budget.

Any 2-wheels is better than no 2-wheels..
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