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Originally Posted by moosemeat View Post
Hillbilly polak hangs on his every word, gs owners relish in his ability to make a hero sandwich, The United Nations has quoted his advrider banter, Sasquatch has a picture of him, he is....... The most interesting hp2 owner in New England

"Stay thirsty my friends!!!"

Boxer-owning ADVriders envy his red framed salvage, despite it never turning a piston in anger. MMI alumni scratch their heads in wonder 'did he even learn anything'? BMW parts desks from coast to coast gladly answer their phones to someone so willing to drop money into a non-running project. HP2 enthusiasts watch in slack-jawed amazement and curiosity if the patient will ever leave the operating table under its own power (while quietly envying a low-cost HP2). He himself is completely impressed with a 1068 mile bike he's never ridden.

I have a beer, and it is indeed Dos Equis. "Stay Thirsty, my friends"

Now if you are building Boxers, when can we see it running? Or should I even ask? Just askin', man. Just askin.
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