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LasseNC, nice build! Great to see someone resurrecting an RD, they are getting scarce these days. I'm an RD affectionado from way back, built quite a few. We used to win allot of MC drag races wit RDs back in the day

It's probably too late but match porting the piston holes to the intake port really helps the RD breathe better. Also the motor suffer's from too much squish in the heads, there's allot of potential hidden in the motor that's untapped. A common mod back in the day was install TD3 heads of the factory RR bike or a set of DG radial heads (unobtanium now ) A good head job, properly done will make them pull much better off idle waking up the lowend. When you couple that with a larger reed cage (easy mod) using modern reeds the motor will rip, nice power wheelies Best part is that these mods when done correctly take zero away from the motor's longevity and add power throughout the RPM range unlike a port job. I really don't advocate porting the cylinders unless the person doing it really knows RDs, it's way to easy to ruin the powerband if it's done wrong and requires a different approach to what's commonly done on modern 2Ts.

Here's the last one I built, I was shootin for a stockish retro style. I had to gear this one 2 teeth smaller in the back, couldn't get on it in the lower gears w/o liftin the wheel.

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