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Originally Posted by Ladder106 View Post
Some type of bark buster, Cycra, Acerbis etc to protect the levers.

The TA is a bit finicky here since the right side master cylinder/lever seems to go further inboard than some bikes so the bar has to be longer.

Your handlebar choice will also affect this so it's best to go to a shop and trial-fit them rather than ordering on-line.

Anyway...that's what I'd do.
Hello Ray...I'm ok with the OEM handgaurds so therefore will probably just plug the hole with some cheap bar ends to keep the birds out. It's nice to have another bike in the garage again with the TA here as it's starting to warm up a bit.
Got the MOSFET on the AT so the TA is next with some required maintenance as I have no record or idea of stuff like valve adjustment and fork fluid drain and replenish, brake fluid etc....
I recently had a good experience on making a number of purchases on German Ebay and just recieved a few boxes via air cargo......thanks to my colleague in Frankfurt.
I want to be able to switch from a low rider TA to normal height with the aquisition of the OEM suspension link and an OEM seat. Both used and in excellent condition...good price too. From the pic you can see i had some fun. Found an MRA dark touring screen too...not sure of the performance but it's only a few screws. I'm thinking those GIVI Tekker boxes and racks will compliment this bike very much. Also a Gammatronix battery charge monitor from the UK to keep tabs on the charging system.
I'm still shopping for a tank bag and the Giant Loop Diablo has caught my eye....not too big is what I'm thinking due to the steep slope on this tank.

And i was due for some new boots and picked some GS boots for a 100 euro. Previous were getting soft and leaky...and these may save an ankle one day. Needles to say...even though they fit me perfect and are comfortable it seems the ergos have changed...yeah a bit stiff and i may have to look at some Pivot Pegz or some sort of lowered pegs. Pivot Pegz aren't cheap but it seems people who have and use them never go back.

Inside one of those GIVI's was a 6 pack of special German Bock Beer.

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