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Ride update.....


I decided to take the stock akro map that came on the bike, and change the secondary throttle blades according to what I did on the shootis map. Basically, at 1200 RPM I started with 20% opening, and by 1600 RPM opened up to 25%, then gradually opened them up as RPM and throttle position increased. I copied that onto a standard AKRO map (07' bike) and loaded er' up. The mid range power came back, and the bottom end was noticeably smoother than the stock secondary throttle blade mapping on the stock AKRO map. I left the F-L switch stock, made sure the 02 sensors were off, and SAS off. This was much better overall. The fun factor was back, and no deceleration popping. The idle is smoother for some reason, and generally built power more linearly. (If that's a word.....) I did notice more airbox noise from 3500-4800 RPM between 3-15% throttle opening, sounding like when one opens up the throttle on a carbed motor that doesn't have enough accelerator pump fuel, kind of like a faint "bog" that cleaned up as RPM increased, but worsened with wider throttle opening at the same RPM, although there was still acceleration. I'm thinking about closing down the secondary throttles through this range a little to see if things richen up a bit (increased port velocity), or maybe add a little fuel. I'm trying to see how much tuning can be accomplished through the secondary throttles first, then will go to changing fuel delivery numbers later.....

When comparing the euro map (stock, non-akro) to the US AKRO map, the euro was significantly leaner as expected. I compared reducing fuel on all maps by 1% (F1, F2, L1, L2) on the US AKRO map to the stock euro map, and there was still more fuel in the AKRO map compared to stock. So, I made up a new map, simply reducing the fuel in the US AKRO map by 1% across all cells, all tables. This doesn't sound like it would change much, but it actually does reduce fuel a fair bit, but is still more than stock mapping. It got late, so I didn't have a chance to try it, but will do so this week, and report back. I know one rider used a "half akro" map, fueling somewhere between the stock and AKRO settings, and am not sure how close this new map and his would compare. We'll see.... To be continued....
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