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I am digging the Montana.

I would like to see it have a setup where you only have 2 data fields on the map. On the other Garmin units, you have several choices of number and arrangement of data fields on the map.

Also, why not let you change any field to anything you want. Like on the Nuvi dashboard, you only have a few things you can change the one changeable data field to. Why not be able to change it to any of the available fields?

Anyway, the profile thing is sweet. And the display and docking system seem like they will work fine on the bike. I have only messed with it so far in my van.

I also love how easy it is to turn on and off maps you have in the Montana. On the old units you have to turn off tons of tiles of each map to get them shut off. It was a pain. On the Montana, just pick the map and click enable or disable. Sweet. Nice improvement!

I also like how you can edit the files in the Montana and on its data card from inside Basecamp. On my 60csx, I would normally get the tracks from a ride out of it, then unplug it and delete all the tracks from it using its internal menus, then plug it back in to put tracks for where the area I was going to visit in it for use in the field. With the Montana, I can delete stuff in the Montana while it is plugged in and I am in Basecamp on the computer.
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