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Replacing your top end changed your gearing? Explain that please!
Yeah, could have said that better. What I meant was that it got up to speed much quicker and with less throttle needed - eg. 60km/hr came up quicker and much smoother.

Kt-88 the Siebenrock instructions say to follow the break-in procedure in your manual. My copy of the /5 owners manual says:

"Even the most carefully machined parts require a certain break-in period. The performance and longevity of your motorcycle depends to a great extent on how carefully it is broken in. The surest method is to:
1. Never exceed the permissible maximum speed in each gear
2. Ride mostly on winding country roads; avoid turnpikes
3. If turnpikes cannot be avoided, try to vary your speed constantly; do not operate at a constant speed for long periods.
4. Always approach the maximum allowable speed and immediately back off.
5. The maximum allowable RPM up to 600 miles is 4000; from 600 miles to 1200 miles it is 5000."

That's probably being overly cautious given it's just one part of the engine being broken in but I'll stick to it, particularly the bit about winding country roads.

I've read other things that say the most important thing is not the maximum revs you run to but that you vary the revs and don't rev the bejesus out of it.

The only other thing I did was that I turned the engine over carefully by hand a few times both before and after putting the valves back on, prior to starting the bike the first time. While doing so I listened to the motor with a mechanics stethoscope. I'm not a 100% sure what I was listening for or even if there was any point in doing this but my grandfather told me to do this everytime I put a motor back together and I never argued with my grandfather.

I'll do a compression test when I do the timing and valves just to give a base line that I can compare back to over time.

Thinking more about the carbs: I recall that they were almost impossible to balance properly with the old cylinders (with low compression) so they're probably miles out now - I recall a little backfire on the test ride yesterday. Probably a good idea to do the timing and the carbs as soon as possible

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