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Note: the bottom right photo is the old style and no longer produced, the larger left photo is the current one and the garage is larger.

As someone looking to upgrade my tent because it is too large/heavy I had looked at the garage tents. I was primarily looking at them (2 makers, I think the same actual maker just different branding) because they offer a place to work on the bike if needed during inclement weather. They can also help to hide the fact there is a bike there. Most people dont just root through others tents unless there is something shiny to grab their attention. If they are going to go through your tent anyway then it wouldnt matter where your bike is.

Going through all 35 pages of this thread I only saw a couple people with them. This prompted me to ask why.

Are they too expensive? Too bulky/heavy? Didnt know about them? Underperform in some way (if so what???) something else?
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