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Originally Posted by Jedi5150 View Post
As a habitual lanesplitter and an LEO,

Now if the cop is on a motorcycle, forget everything I just said.
As someone who works on the reactive side of the injury with a badge, I have picked up CHP on city streets AND the Highway, specifically the BAY BRIDGE WB before Treasure Island. Every CHP on a bike has told me, after me telling them I ride my motorcycle to the station EVERYDAY, including the rainy days; "the safest place for us to be is lane splitting. Between the cars, NOT in front or in back of them". And EVERY CHP, and city cop on a bike, that was put in the back of the ambulance by me, was NOT because of lane splitting, rather for inattentive drivers stopping for no reason or NOT stopping when they should. That all being said, it is only over a decade of 911 duty in Alameda county and SF, I'm sure there are others who have different stories, just assume that all the drivers are going to make a mistake, they might spill their coffee on the new seat, but you might spill your blood on the new road. The "guidelines" are only that, a guide.
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