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Day 9 - Dec 29 - 300 kms - Kochi to Perundurai

Yes, Perundurai.

You might ask me why. Here's why...

My interim plan involved riding from Ernakulam to Valparai and then settle for the night at Pollachi. This didn't work out so I decided to ride on to Bangalore the same day. This would have been a distance of around 540 kms. Jijo and other friends had warned me that the Palakkad stretch was a little bad. Little is an understatement.

I started off in the morning from Ernakulam - after a nice breakfast. Roads were decent - a little too much traffic though. Reaching near Palakkad - or was it just after that, there is road work going on. As in a 2-lane road is just one lane now. And everybody wants to speed up. In fact, I nearly got swiped out by a speeding car coming in the opposite direction. I don't remember how long this bad road went on - but it seemed to go on for a really long time. Ratlling the bones. I somehow decided at that time that I would break the journey somewhere past Coimbatore and then ride on to Bangalore only the next day.

Adding to this - I got a bit of brake woes. I am not sure if it was my mind playing tricks on me or the real thing - I felt I was loosing some grip on the brakes. And this was also coupled with the bad sections of ghat road where I had to constantly hold on the brakes.

Well, I can only say that I was glad once the roads became fine. This was just after the toll-booth past Coimbatore. There was a spot of rain and I'd actually stopped to see if I needed to put on my rain-cover.

P1010132 by Naveen Roy, on Flickr

P1010133 by Naveen Roy, on Flickr

There was still road work going on but at least it became nice and smooth. I reached Avinashi around 1:30 or so in the afternoon. Very hungry and tired, I stopped off at some road side restaurant and had some awesome fried rice and chicken. I was just too tired to ride for at least an hour. But this at least energized me and I pushed on.

IMG_20121229_135253 by Naveen Roy, on Flickr

Guess that was the only food pic of the whole ride - sadly :(

I reached Perundurai at around 3:00 and going past it, I took an U-turn under the bridge and went into Perundurai town. Good that there is a nice new hotel at the service road - Chinnis. The rates were damn cheap and I was too tired anyways. Settled in and was out like a light.

Woke up late in the evening and walked out for a nice dinner of Parottas with curry and a nice Omlette - made old style on a wood fire. Lovely, lipsmacking.

Settled down for the night with instructions to the manager that I would be leaving early in the morning. My only thought was that I missed the Pollachi - Valparai route. But I have decided to do that sometime soon.
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