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Originally Posted by AKDuc View Post
The latest:

"First test with the sledge on the polar ice north of Barrow. When I turn de bike the sledge wants to go in a straight line. It resulted in hitting the ice/snow a few times. Thatís why I am going to use a long rope between the R1 and the sledge during the Polar Ice Ride."

I'm thinking that the easiest fix would be to put a front steering axle, mounted where the front wheel is, with 2 snowmobile skis
for steering/tracking. Keep the skis set wide to increase stability. Two more skis or, at the least, skegs at the rear of the sledge would add more directional stability. This should increase control of the bike-sledge combination during hard decelerations instead of the current instability due to the sledges lack of direction control.

Just my $.02 thinking out loud.

Best of luck to you Sjaak.
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