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Originally Posted by Ken Fritz View Post

That's the plug for the charcoal cannister solenoid.
Probably this. For sure if it's a 2-wire connector.

Regarding the use of the connector as an accessory power source. I think the connector is supplied switched 12V through one wire when the key is on, and the other wire is a switched ground from the Motronic ECU to operate the solenoid at the proper time. That means you should be able to use the switched 12V wire to power a phone charger or what not. If it is switched 12V you can easily pull a few amps from that gauge wire over 2 meters.

p.s.: I would verify the wiring instead of just from memory, but I don't have the pdf wiring diagram handy. I bet someone on here will check that for you. Hey you guys. Who has the factory 1150 wiring diagram handy?


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