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Originally Posted by sailor22 View Post
The racing is good in the AMA series, but then so is the racing in WERA and any number of club races around the country. What if anything make the DMG series special or worth traveling to see relative any of the others?

Since the factories are for the most part out of the picture they aren't promoting the series or their paid riders like in years past. So now there are no heros, no promotion, no TV coverage and no audience. Sorta like WERA and the others.

If DMG can't or won't pony up for serious nationwide promotion the situation won't change unless the factories have some incentive to get involved.
I don't see the factories getting involved, and especially not to bail DMG out, it was their(and ama) man Roger Edmondson that wanted to get rid of factory involvement in the first place.
how to fix it? Wish I knew.
personnally, I'd like to see WSBK rules for ama superbike, manufacturers already have the bikes homologated, and our guys would be able to have wild card rides in a world championship. Expensive? you bet, but it's superbike, they should be expensive, fast, and ridden by the best guys we have. I want to walk through the pits and say "wow" look at these things, amazing. not walk through the pits and say gee, looks just like the ones in the parking lot.
and make the daytona 200 a superbike race again for crying out loud!
Have ONE 600 class, and make it what it should be, a stepping stone to the superbike class, not trying to be the main attraction. should top pros be allowed? sure, but they also HAVE to race superbike, just like most of them did back in the 90's
maybe run a moto3 class for the youngsters, just like the red bull cup from a few years back, great racing and skill building, spec bikes, reduced costs, maybe even do a lease program. hello KTM????
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