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Originally Posted by troidus View Post
For those of you with not much Great Plains experience, subtle changes in terrain can make a big difference in felt crosswind. If the wind is particularly brutal, pay attention to the undulations ahead of you on the windward side. If you're in an area of relative calm because of a parallel rise upwind of you, beware if you see a perpendicular road cut coming up, especially for an underpass. When you get to it, you'll get a concentrated wind blast that can mess up your whole day. The same holds true for breaks in hedgerows, Jersey barriers, and other things you normally might not think about in less windy areas. The Flint Hills can be especially unpredictable, because there are curves and elevation changes that cause felt wind to vary substantially from one mile to the next.
In addition strong winds can create a vortex effect as they pass over an object. In other words you will feel the wind coming from the other side, then when you pass out of the shadowed area you will be slammed from the prevailing wind.

You get a similar effect when passing trucks in windy conditions.

I totally agree riding in wind sucks, riding on an interstate in wind sucks even more. I never ride interstate in strong cross wind, well I seldom ride interstate period, hate them.
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