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Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
Suppose maybe things would be better if more people understood economics?

There's lots of labor and packaging involved in shipping that part from the manufacturer to BMW Germany to BMW USA to a BMW dealer. Along the way there are lots of storage facilities with rent to be paid.

Then of course there's the fact there are probably as many BMWs using this part in the world than Chevy made cars yesterday.

If you have a rare talent and are willing to work for a dollar, come on down.
It's not that I don't understand economics.

The idea is to avoid being involved in their economics by letting them keep their fancy package (a ziploc bag with a sticker on it) and their part in Taiwan.

If I have to replace it again, I'm just going to make an adapter (I have access to a lathe) so I can use one of the cheap threaded fittings. I found one good for 180 Celsius for $8 on Amazon.

The adapter would simply be an 8mm thick, 40mm diameter disc with an 0-Ring channel machined around the circumference and a threaded hole through the center. I'd use a tight fitting O-Ring and also silicone it in (with high-temp oil and gas resistant silicone). It wouldn't be a bad idea to put a couple of blind holes for a pin-wrench in it so it could be held while threading in the sight-glass. Making this would take about 20 minutes, and I'd enjoy doing it, so the value of my time is insignificant.

I bet a person could have a local machinist or handyman make this for less than $50. They'd be supporting a local small-business, which is nice.

Anyway, hopefully my new sight glass doesn't leak for many years. I just posted this thread for the benefit of others who might one day seek an alternative.
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