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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
It is theoretically repairable en route ... if you have a needle that can add 12 bar of nitrogen into the reservoir. Maybe I should do a shock repair course with Prutser at some stage. Repairing shocks is beyond my current capabilities. An apprenticeship would be a good idea :)
Colebatch, I've been working on Gas pressure shocks for 40 years starting in the '70s while racing buggies in Baja. I use Air instead of Nitrogen. Even though the manufacturers like to use 250psi or so, in most cases 125 to 150 is adequate.

I have even taken to sharpening the sealing V of rubber seals with a 1/4" hand drill motor and a rotary stone. I do it on Fork seals and the monoshock seal of my street bike.

I do it because I'm cheap, but more to test my theories. I always imagine that I'll be somewhere where I can't get parts. Irkutsk comes to mind as a good example. by using the seals over and air to refill the shocks and diluted, with mineral spirits, 30weight oil, a field service is not too difficult.

Best to get with Prutser for a practice session first. Think removing the seals with air pressure or hydraulics to keep from hurting the seals.

And those plastic Seal Mates will fix your leaks 50% of the time.
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