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Originally Posted by switchback View Post
So here is my problem. Testers are saying that it is better than the Anakee 2, Tourance... Well most every tire I have tried new felt better than my old flat-spotted tire I had previously. If any vendor is serious about testing these things they will take out at least 2 bikes, one with the Anakee 3s and one with a new Tourance or similar. Only then can we get a reliable opinion.
I do agree with you in that tires are never compared oranges to oranges.
Everyone always loves their new tires and it's impossible to properly remember & compare that same feeling from the last tire (when it was new).

Some mags, in the past, have tested the same bike with all new tires to compare riding aspects. I've yet to see a reseller do this. I'm sure the price sure adds up real fast.

As far as mileage out of a tire compared to others, NO one has ever properly
done that with controlled variables. Having 2 different people compare is impossible as everyone accels, decels, brakes and corners different not to mention different road conditions & weather/temps.

They only way to compare mileage, and get it even close to accurate, is the same bike, rider, weather conditions/temps, weight of the bike, roads chosen and riding the same way/speed. With this, you put X brand of tire on a bike and start riding. You ride 1000s of miles until the rear tire hits a set point, such as wear bar or the 1st flat spot (past the rain grove) seen. Then a trailer picks you up and return back to the same start and repeat (make sure the weather is matched too) with a new brand of tire.

You could make it work but changing the tires there and riding the route in reverse and see if you can make it back to the start and if you have rubber left keep going to at that same end variable.

That's alot of work and commitment and probably why no one has done it yet. That's why users accts. of different mileage results are going be the best we can all expect.

Now having the same bike, with different tires and swapping riders, to compare paved and dirt aspects is completely do-able. My guess is German Mag Motorad will do a followup test like this with all the new tires being released. I'd be impressed if a reseller did this, but i'm not holding my breath.
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