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Thumb Walter and Terry, thank you from the bottom of my heart

It was a strange day when we left Walter and Terry in Yakutsk. Their bikes had been loaded on a lorry and sent to Moscow. They would leave soon after.

We bid our farewells in the morning and left.

The night before we all had a nice time with a few beers. Walter gave us a lot of tips for the road ahead and Terry was smiling as always.

I will now talk a little about Walter and Terry. I will start with Terry

I think Terry is the ideal riding buddy. Alway smiling He has a ton of experience and his mood is always top ten. Not a foul word did ever come out of his mouth. "I just love to ride my bike", he often said. Nothing more, nothing less I admire him for that.
If there is a tiny itsy bitsy Vodka around, he is always up for it And Terry moves the dance floor
In short, Terry is just a great guy to be around and I hope I will have the honor of riding with him again.

Walter is a walking encyclopedia of the region. Most people with his kind of knowledge usually feel they are a bit above the rest. Not so with Walter. He willingly shares all his information and wisdom to those who asks. With great patience When I contacted him a couple of years ago he was there right away dispensing his advise and thoughts. He really wanted to share his love for the region and to encourage other people to go there. I admire him for that and he is a role model for others to follow

Just like Terry, Walter is always positive. When things broke down or we had a bad hair day, "No problem". Walter is also very creative. Always looking for ways to improve his bike and new areas of the world to explore

In short, Walter is a great guy and I hope I will have the honor of riding with him again.

Again, thank you both, from the bottom of my heart, for being the wonderful human beings you are
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