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Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
Do you think the whole chain is toast? To me it looks like it's just the links with the plate that are all messed up.

I'm going to go to the bike shop in a few hours when it opens, remove the damaged links, and try and put it back together with the master link that I have. If that doesn't work, then I'm going to just buy a new chain here. I would like to try and avoid that as they are extremely expensive here in town. If I can make it last another 400 miles or so, I can get to Punta Arenas where they have a sort of tax free zone and get one a lot cheaper. I'm also going to try and make that old chain slider work. I may have to find someone with a tap as neither I nor Manolito know how to say "self taping screw" in Spanish.

I'm about to head down and flop the countersprocket around.
Check all the chain pins as it looks like a lot of wear on the inside of the plates. If you can use the masters you have just replace that one link with what you have. Lube it up really good and maybe a little looser than normal.
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