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Great Meal

I just had a meal, that was kind of a beef stew and it was really good. I'm just hanging out at the motel here today and there is just me, and the family that owns the place. It is still too early in the day for most travelers to check in.

The Mom made a beef stew, sort of, it had a corn meal base, similar to eating a cross between cornmeal and cream of wheat, the beef was really good! One of the better meals of my trip. I really lucked in when I found this place. Very kind people.

I went out this afternoon and filled the bike with gas and had a brief ride around this little town, It's still raining so I only went for a few minutes. There are dozens of motels here. It is a Spa type area.

This morning when I woke up, oddly enough, the swimming pool was empty. It had been full, and warm last night. This morning they cleaned the pool. Then they started filling it with hot water out of a big fire hose type of fixture. Turns out we are in some kind of geo-thermal area. All the hotels have pools. That's the big attraction here. The name of the town is Termas de Rio Honda.
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