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My hamfisted builds, they don’t last. You see the plan had been to have a K75 + an Airhead and sequentially rebuild/ride them, so that I never had to buy another bike. Those of you acquainted with this bolg will know that this didn’t really work out and so I’m left with a K in bits minus various things, and an Airhead that doesn’t like to start from cold, even with a strong battery after a night of trickle charging. After the first start of the day it catches better, and now the charging circuit is ‘not yet broken again’* it at least recharges once it bites, but it just doesn’t like that first start of the day. Doesn’t really matter what time it is, except that I imagine if it had sat in the sun all day it might be slightly more cooperative late afternoon (tho/ough because most times I’ve needed to start it have been earlier in the morn i.e. 9am), but then if the first start is after any residual-daytime-sun-induced-‘not cold’ sort of heat it also won’t catch, same as 9am. I can’t help but think the issue is related to both electrics & carb, combined. I would illuminate further yet it simply seems most apt just to say piss bollocks piss shit fuck.

* I naturally hesitate to say ‘fixed’
hang tuff brother theres a k75 clutch heading you way
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