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Good shooting Jeff. Bruce some of the roads we were on are: 415, 612, Grub Glutch, Leland Glutch, Acton Grade, 812, Indian Peak, 49, Ashworth, Silver Bar, Ben Hur, Beach, White Rock, Westfall, and last but not least Preston as you correctly pointed out. No technical riding all day. Some powder, some hard pack, some gravel, some sand, and few splashes of muddy water, and the ever present pavement. My GPS said that the average moving speed was 29 mph. Highest speed was 58 mph and that was on pavement. We stopped a lot to take in the beauty of the land. We came across several LOCKED gates with NO TRESPASSING signs across roads Garmin and Google say are through roads. Oddly one no trespassing sign was posted on a tree next to what was surely a drive way but way off the road. It read , "No trespassing. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again." I wished the sign was closer to the road. It was difficult to turn around with bullets flying. No not really.
Stay dry in Florida and keep out of harms way in the great sand box. Come back and tell us the stories. I'll set something up at the cabin in the Stanislaus.
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