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i don't have my OEM R1 spring handy to confirm the physical dimensions of this spring, BUT if the spring is the metric equivalent of 2.25x7", then here is another source to replace the 9kg/mm OEM spring with a spring rate suitable for the direct connected Versys/ER6 suspension.

Cannon Racecraft custom R1 springs now cost almost double what i paid a few years ago. good product, and no complaints with their service at all, just the price.

confirm your spring dimension, then check here...

i have not used this spring. please report back on your experience if you do.
I can confirm all this. I called Cannon last winter about and R1 shock spring and they quoted me $160+. So I said no thank you.

After more research, I ended-up ordering a Hyperco spring from HRP. With shipping it was under $100. You will also need to order the reducing collars from Racetech directly. IIRC, they are less than $10. It all fits together perfectly. In case you are worried about the collars - don't be. It's the same spring and collar set-up that Elka uses on their Versys shock. I know, because I had one for a bit.

The biggest PITA of the whole project was finding a shop that could compress the springs. The spring compressor that I already own wouldn't work on the R1 shock - the spring and shock body were too close. Same story with the loanable ones at the local auto shops. None of the local bike shops where I spent the winter had a compressor that would work, either. It wasn't until I moved to the Rockies for the summer that I found a shop that had a moto-X shock spring compressor that would do the job. And the dipshits still managed to scratch the shit ouf of the shock and spring. Always so hard to find folks that do good work.

Here, this will make it easier:
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