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Originally Posted by rtwpaul View Post
so my main focus in Kansas was Garmin and my now defunct Garmin Zumo 550, i was kind of using Kansas as a good excuse not to have to ride all the way across Texas again...seeing i did that in June this year already

so off to head office...

i walked in the front door, grubby dirty adventure rider, not knowing what to expect...what i got was the warmest welcome, the epitome of professionalism from EVERY single person i spoke to, even people passing in the lobby (with Garmin Badges on) stopped to say hello, it was very refreshing and when i met "Mr. Zumo" he was the most helpful and professional of everyone i had met so far.

The Zumo 550 is now obsolete but Garmin are still having parts made but they are in short supply and as my luck would have it they were out right then, so i had two choices: wait for a delivery, there was a date but it was possible it could change (not good for a RTW rider) or an offer of a move to a different unit of my choice. They did not try and downgrade me, quite the opposite, i walked out with a new zumo 660 and all the fixings!!!

i left the building refreshed by the genuine care that was offered to me from a big corporation, and Mr. Zumo if you're reading this, thank you again

Had I been following along, you could have crashed at my place, I live 1/2 mile from Garmin! Enjoying the report.
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