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In the morning, I crawled out of my tent to find the high winds had done no damage, other than a few more rips in the tarp structure over head. The skies were still grey and gloomy. Maybe I would be able to ride out of the of the clouds.
My goal for today was to be at or near Beaver Creek, near the Alaska border. Hwy 3 north west up from Haines eventually connect up with the Alaska hwy 1 at Haines Junction. I asked my camp host if she could recommend a good spot for breakfast. I tell her where I am headed, she tells me about 33 miles up the hwy is a roadhouse with great food. The places in town are all still closed, so I say thank you for the sheltler for last night, and I decide to check out Haines before I depart.
My dinner the night before;

And Oceanside RV park;

Wet and gloomy....

Some of the original houses and buildings looking majestic. A few are hotels now.
Leaving Haines;

Despite the weather, I was excited every morning to be able to discover new places. Riding out of Haines, The road follows The Chilkat inlet, wich becomes a river. This area is the Chilkat Eagle reserve, and is a perfect habitat for them. I could hear Eagles chattering up in the trees, but only saw a few. The road is great fun even in the rain, as it winds it way through some real wilderness.
The river I followed for many miles this day;

At a scenic pullout I found this little guy;

The roadhouse appeared, and I was happy to see they were open.
The inside is quite funky;

The breakfast special was reindeer quesadillas, so thats what I had. They were fantastic.! I was the only customer for a while, but after a while more people showed up, including four guys on rented BMW GS650s. They were travelling light, staying at hotels, and having fun. This place is set up for bikers, there was a stack of bike magazines right at my table. I really like this place. I could have spent hours here, especially when I saw the rain coming down outside. Highly recommended spot
I had to force myself out of the roadhouse, and back on track for my destination.
A few more miles down the road is another Canada , US border crossing. got through in a minute, and I was back in the Yukon again!

The rain was not to bad at this point, the skies looked a little brighter, I pressed on. The clouds obscured most of the scenery this day, I knew I was missing some great views, but still happy to be on the road. Surrounded by wilderness the Kluanne National park goes on for miles.
Some of the views I did see;

Eventually I rode into Haines Junction, where the road from Haines joins up with the less fun Alaska Hwy. Pit stop for gas, and a sore butt break, then hit the road. A while later Kluane lake comes into view, and the hwy goes around it. Now its raining again, I have my heated grips on all day, and my heated vest is keeping me warm, but the dampness is coming right into my coat now, and I can feel my arms are getting wet from the vent zippers. Kluane lake is huge, and is a beautiful shade of blue/ green. It looks cold.
I didnt take any more pictures for the rest of the day, as my camera is not waterproof.
The Hwy around the lake is quite fun, and after a long while, I saw a place to warm up, and have some coffee.
The place I stopped is called Destruction Bay. There is a lodge with a cafe so I pulled in.
There was a BMW GS1200 outside with european plates on it. I meet the BMW rider, he is from Germany. He has all his gear drying all over the chairs at his table, including his socks! My feet always stay dry, thanks to my Gortex Sidi Canyon boots
I remove my wet gear, and leave a big puddle on the floor. I see a free use computer to check emails, and find out my wife went boating with friends, and fell between the main boat and the dingy she was trying to get in. Turns out she sprained her shoulder badly, and it took months to heal
After 45 minutes of sipping coffee, and eating apple pie, I decide to continue on. The road follows Kluane lake, and passes through several small settlements. I see the clouds finally dispersing, and blue skies up ahead! I finally see sign for Beaver Creek, and see a campground, Beaver Creek RV park. Works for me. I grab a campsite at the back corner, and I start drying off my gear. The weather had warmed up nicely, and I had a really nice evening. I treated myself to some canned stew, and some chips from the RV park store. I was able to charge up my phone as well, at RV site that had power.
I again struggled with my camp stove. I dismantled it, cleaned it, then finally replaced the jet. Problem solved!
I basked in the sun until it set for the night. I had a fire to keep me warm went the sun went down. A good end to a wet day.
Day 6 Haines, Alaska to Beaver Creek, Yukon. approx 330 miles/560 kms.
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