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I've planned almost that same trip a couple times, from Oregon, and know the challenge: time is the limiter.
A couple thoughts: first, consider riding up, enjoying whatever itinerary you come with as best, then ship your bikes back with Alaska marine lines (etc), and airline yourself home. Cost isn't as bad as you might think, especially when you consider that riding down isn't free either, depending on how you travel. I shipped my bike back from Juneau last year to seattle for around $220. Just the practicality of being to enjoy the riding while not being away too long from work made it the best choice for me. They have pallets for bikes at the shipping places, and it worked slick. Some pre-planning required, but no big deal.

2nd, regarding route, I would suggest that missing the ride all the way up deadhorse is no great loss. I'm biased, having lived in Alaska for some years, so i don't feel the need to check that box (to see deadhorse and environs again), but the good riding is indeed mainly more south, and certainly including the area around Hyder, as others have pointed out.
It was all a calculated risk. But I'm not always so sharp with the math...
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