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Originally Posted by yokesman View Post
Somewhere I saw a setup something like this,the vent line of the main tank was turn used as a suction line to the aux tank
,the aux was vented .
If I use the vent from the main tank, then it won't have a vent at all as it will be sealed. The aux tank is below the main tank so I think it would create more problems.

Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
The ninja has a built in fuel overflow from just under the cap to the bottom of the tank. I tihnk it gets sealed off when the cap is shut.
The main tank must have a vent though correct?

Finished the protoype. Holds about 1.25 gals I filled it with a 2 qt apple juice bottle and it took 2.5 bottles, so the CAD model was pretty accurate. I had one minor pinhole that I went back over with the welder but other than that it was watertight the first time. I'll need to test with gas because I've found gas will find holes water won't.

I had to preheat the flange with a torch to get it hot. Welded fine I have to admit I was a little nervous with such a difference in thickness but it welded great.

Pump installed. I need to make a guard for the chain. It has plenty of clearance, I'm thinking more about sticks and flinging crap and keeping it off the wiring etc.

Need to make some brackets to weld to the tank so I can bolt to the subframe. I think rubber mounted is the way to go so I'll work on that.
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