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Originally Posted by Fishenough View Post
Following along, thank you Kevin and Missy!!

This is only the second report on ADV that we have read as father and son together. The KVR has popped to the top of our list as a place for father and son to visit. We are currently bike-less, yet bought helmets, a safari tank is expected any day, and he has just taken his motorcycle learners permit. My son had one full year of ridding licensed in Asia, 15 to 16, and he did so well on the roads there, BC should be fine with careful attention.

He howled at your last youtube video and you can guess why he is so interested in your ride report!

Fishenough: I love this ride with your kids stuff. Sidebar: I have a story for you. The summer when my son was 14 he says to me, Dad I don't want to get a job the summer when I turn 16, but I would like to ride across america on the Trans America Trail with you. I said right? But for 2 years he kept at me. So we planned, then 2 days before the flight across the nation he took his drivers test and got his motorcycle licence. So we did the ride. Here is the video for you to watch with your son.

Hope you can work out some great rides yourself, I am finding they grow up fast. But they don't leave motorcycles.
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