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It's just a flesh... bone wound. OR: Side bags are not risk free...

No motorcycle was harmed in this event.

One street accident in over 200K miles (I don't count the one where I passed out due to low blood sugar 12 years ago - it got the other ankle), I'm not feeling too badly about it, but I sure wish it was a cooler story. Help me come up with some good lies to tell!

Late at night, just 1 literal mile from home after my 187 mile round trip commute, coming a way I haven't been in about 4-6 weeks since the main road was blocked for construction. Slow cage in front of me faded into the right lane, so I zipped to the left and crossed the spilled paint patch I've been crossing for months.

Apparently the prior few days of wet weather has been rough on it, as it was crumbly that day and not enough cages went by to sweep it clean. You can see the marks on the rear tire as it slid out. I had to dab to stay up (the other side has no chicken strip either, so it was not an overly reactive response on my part to being leaned over a lot, I was going down baby).

The left side bag really wanted to meet my foot, and proceeded to tackle it to the ground, in the process bending it in unnatural ways. My foot hung on and tried to pull me off the bike as well, but I persevered. Thank goodness the bike can do nearly 90 in 2nd gear as there was no way I was shifting, even to lean down, with my hand, and do it as it stung quite a bit.

I spent a while thinking it was badly sprained, but the x-rays disagreed.

You can see in the picture how much the bike leaned over as it hit the paint. Had I been going faster, it would have been fine. I was doing probably 15-20 at most.

Hobbling around in a walking cast, heeding my osteo's advice not to go riding until it's had time to heal. I think he said a week? (nah, he said 6). That's going to add about an hour a day to my commute for a few weeks (no lane sharing/HOV lanes in a car as a solo driver). I see a bike ride in my very near future, though the air cast won't do to shift at all...

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