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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
close and i'm sure accurate enough, but different bikes = different suspensions, weigh and such, plus 1000 miles is not at the end but is still worn for the A2. The nice crisp biting edges are not so crisp like on a new A3. michelin is staking their well earned reputation on the 3s so they had to do alot of 2 & 3 testing.

thanks for the feedback! can you comment on how the bike felt when pushed into a corner hard in the dirt as far as the tire being able to bite when on the side edges? did it hold an edge when pushed like a knobby would? that is the big question everyone has in their head? how is that possible with this design???

being you were on an immensely heavy bike with less suspension, the GSA, did you truly corner it and ride it hard like you could have on the KTM??? i question that as the GSA is not a dirt railing machine, like the KTM. the only way to truly tell is 2 990s one w/ a A2 and 1 with a A3 and 2 riders who can go back and forth.
True, but with as many miles as I've done off road on A2's in the past I have a general expectation of what's going to happen. Does the bike/my memory/weather/road conditions have an affect on this? Absolutely. Has Michelin done a lot more tests than I did? Oh yeah. and if they didn't think it was better than they wouldn't have put it on the market.

The tire actually bit well. Knobby well? No. Better than the A2? Yes.

The GSA was my dad's and he had just bought it. So, I didn't really care if I crashed it. When I rode the trail going in I took it pretty reasonable to figure out what was going to happen. On the way back out I TRIED to make the front end slide and wasn't able to; you're going to have to really do something stupid or hit something really slick for it to slide.


If I laid the bike over, leg out, pulling a Ricky Carmichael it'll drop like the 500 pound pig it is. I did intentionally try to lose the front so I could see how far it would go before it broke loose. Did I ride it as hard as my 990? Hell I tried but it's not near the dirt bike that a KTM is, just like the KTM isn't near the street bike the GSA is.

Overall, this is my opinion, same as you'd get from the guy you see on the road and ask him if he likes the tires. If they were shit I'd say, "They're shit. Don't waste your money on them."

They're not.

They're good enough for me to buy 3 sets and plan on running them to Alaska this summer. They're good enough and I trust them enough I'm going to put my wife on the back seat and ride all over Alaska.

If I had ANY doubt about these tires I would have already bought every set of A2's I could find and moth ball them until we left.
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